Baby DoKEN

Baby Doken is a community-driven token built on the Binance Smart Chain that rewards $DoKEN instead of tokens.
How does it work? It works by using a proxy contract that distributes the DoKEN rewards. Just sit back and watch your $DoKEN rewards grow.
The project is led by an experienced European team who have vast knowledge of what it takes to run a serious project.

10% Buy Tax

3% DoKEN Rewards
5% Marketing
2% Liquidity

14% Sell Tax

3% DoKEN Rewards
8% Marketing
3% Liquidity


Our mission is to provide low cost high APR Staking Pools for microcap projects from launch on the Binance Smart Chain. Providing new tokens with the ultimate Jeet protection.






Our Doxxed Team

Lee (The General)


TG: @Thegeneralcrypto

Twitter: @thegeneral45




Community Manager

TG: @Thealmightyhugo

TG: @Elonbestdev


KYC'd to DoKEN